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  • Carol Jardim

“Sharpeville as the focal point against Racial Discrimination” — [Text and video edition]

On 1966, UN designated 21 March as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It is a day to fight racism, xenophobia and intolerance. The date was chosen as a remembrance of the Sharpeville massacre, that took place on that same date, on 1960, during the Apartheid in South Africa. More than 5,000 people marched against the pass law, that required black and coloured people to carry passes to walk around. Police responded with violence and left 69 dead and 183 wounded.

Thirty years later, Sharpeville was back on the news, but as the place chosen by Nelson Mandela, the first black president, for the signing the new constitution.

This story, broadcasted on TV Brasil on March 21st 2014, was part of a section designed to remember history events with a brief summary on their anniversary. My job as an editor was to search for certain ephemeris, research facts and historic images, write the story and overlook the video editing to the final material on a deadline. In this specific story I was also responsible for the video editing, on Final Cut Pro.

[audio in Portuguese]

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