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  • Carol Jardim

“Migrant caravan heads towards American border” — [Edition]

Atualizado: 3 de jan. de 2020

In November 2018, more than 7,000 migrants headed towards the United States border fleeing countries such as Venezuela, Colombia and Guatemala. They integrated three groups that peregrinated through Latin America looking for better life conditions away from extreme poverty, violence and economic crisis. All three groups marched in spite of the American president Donald Trump’s decision to close borders. Hope, even through uncertainty, led families not to give up.

This story, broadcasted by TV Brasil on Nov. 12th 2018, was one of the many edited in partnership with the American-based Brazilian reporter Leandra Felipe and the image department. On projects like this, I edited texts, chose images on news agencies, aligned the script with the correspondent and later overlooked the video editing to the final material on a deadline.

[audio in Portuguese]

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