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  • Carol Jardim

“Alexander Laks: Survivor takes the word of the Holocaust Remembrance Day”  [Text and video edition]

Atualizado: 3 de jan. de 2020

January 27 marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, designated by the UN in the memory of 17 million people, among which 6 million Jews. Many of the persecuted flew from Europe to escape genocide and got the chance to raise the next generation away from the memories of fear and tragedy. Some of them moved to Brazil.

This story, broadcasted by TV Brasil on January 27th 2014, raises awareness to the importance of not forgetting history so that it never repeats itself. The reporter Pedro Henrique Antunes brought the memories of Aleksander Henryk Laks, polish writer and speaker, who survived Holocaust. Aleksander Laks died at 88 years old, on 2015.

I worked on this story since the research for historic images to the text editing, script organizing along with the reporter and the video editing on Final Cut Pro.

[audio in Portuguese]

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